There are 50 brick and 20 Wooden stables at Fourways Riding Centre and more than adequate grazing and riding space.  We also have an additional 50 temporary stables for overnight show horses.

Our stabling facilities will suit individual needs. We also have a stable with an attached paddock for the horse that suffers from claustrophobia or constantly kicks the wall. Our ponies can be housed in stalls if that is required.

We try to keep 6 horses per groom and the grooms are well supervised by the stable manager and the assistant stable manager.

Horses are fed according to individual needs and a careful watch is kept on the condition and going of the horse and feed can be adjusted if need be.  The feeding and giving of any supplements the horse may require is done by the assistant stable manager.

Their beds are mucked out on a daily basis and regularly swept back to dry and air.  Good quality shavings are used and the beds are comfortably thick.

The horses are turned out from 7 in the morning and returned to their stables at 2 in the afternoon. Grass and water are supplied during the day. Horses can be kept in individual or group paddocks once again based on individual needs of the horse.  Tack cleaning and lunging is included in the price of the livery

Click here to contact us for stabling. We also have a number of horses and ponies for half bait.


Effective 1st January 2019 livery fees are:

R5350 per month VAT incl. for horses and ponies plus R100.00 Security fee per.
Livery does not include farrier, deworming, horse sickness inoculations, flu vac, any other veterinary expenses.

Of the greatest importance to us is the well-being and happiness of both horse and owner.

Contact us now to discuss your equine’s new home!

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